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Tenant Improvement/Office Creative Space

Constructing a new tenant space for a client is a very rewarding task. Your office environment tells your customers something about who you and your company are and how you work. This is why the quality of the design and construction is so important to your business and brand. At AP Construction, we are true builders with the ability and attention to detail to deliver on time, on budget and the best solutions for your office space needs. Our interior teams, including our lower tier certified subcontractors, have the ability to construct everything from entry level value tenant builds to creative work spaces with architectural significance. Having the ability to self-perform certain architectural finishes and trades brings value and gives us control of the work schedule. Collaborating with our clients to earn their trust with regards to direction and decisions along the way, results in making the delivery process professional and organized with clarity and value.


Our field crews and pre-screened subcontractors are proven and deliver the quality expected of any AP Construction project. Also, we pride ourselves on outstanding housekeeping skills and have extensive experience working in occupied spaces while phasing projects.